Our initial consultation is as easy as sending photos! We can take a virtual look at the property and get back to you with the different staging options we suggest. This allows us to provide the seller with information about how best to market the property, and is free of charge.

If we feel a personal walk-through is necessary then we can take our own photos and measurements at that time. There is a minimal charge of $150 which can be applied toward whichever staging package is chosen. Once we have sufficient photos and info on the space, Scout Home will prepare an estimate and timeline for staging.


For properties still occupied by the seller, we offer a Re-style service. For this option we generally like to do a personal walk through since photos don't always give us all the info we need.

During our initial consultation we will decide what furniture we can use and which pieces should be cleared out of the house and put in storage. Scout Home will help to simplify and modernize the space, so that buyers can better envision themselves living there.

Scout Home charges $100/hour for this service.



After the initial consultation, Scout Home will edit and rework the homeowner's own furniture, creating a space free of clutter with an improved flow. We will then provide additional furniture and decorative accessories on a rental basis in order to update and pull the look together. This is a great option for sellers who already have some appropriate furniture. but would benefit from the addition of key pieces as well as fresh accessories such as art, lighting, decorative pillows and greenery from our rental inventory. Your updated interior will then look amazing in listing photos and buyers will be able to see the home's full potential.

While we are happy to provide an initial estimate from photos, this option requires a walk through before we provide final costs.



Our full stage option is perfect for sellers that have moved out of the space or for developers with a new vacant property.

Our full staging option brings life into an empty space and provides buyers with a vision of how it would feel to live in the home. By adding warmth and style, buyers are often inspired to place bids faster and  higher than they would on an empty space! A huge benefit to realtors and their clients!

Scout Home will quickly provide an estimate for our full staging services once we receive photos or do our walk through. Every space is different, but prices for a full staging range from $3000 to $7500, depending on the scale of the project.


In today's competitive market, every property will benefit from the added value home staging can provide!